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​​​​​​​Weather Related Closings and Early Dismissals

Weather Related Closings and Early Dismissals

Temperature Concerns:
When temperatures are expected to be below 15̊  we will consider making schedule changes. Factors to be considered during these conditions include cloud cover, wind chill, radiant heat factors and hourly temperature changes. When temperatures drop to single digits during normal morning bus route times, a delayed schedule may be used. This will enable maintenance staff more time to ensure that all areas of the buildings are heated properly prior to the arrival of students and staff and that buses are able to start and warm-up prior to departure.

Possible Decisions:

  1. Two hour delayed schedule

  2. Three hour delayed schedule (Regular release time)

  3. Schools Closed

*alternate bus routes/stops may be used for some streets

Early Dismissals:
There are times when the daily school schedule must be altered after the school day has begun. When the school administration is alerted to the possible need to dismiss school early, communication is initiated immediately with agencies and individuals who are knowledgeable of the situation creating the emergency. Information is gathered quickly by school administrators, and a careful analysis of the facts is conducted before the Superintendent makes the decision to dismiss early.

Once this decision is made, the same media that are used for a “delayed schedule” are used by school administrators to notify parents, staff and others of the decision. Every effort is made to make this call in a timely manner to allow for adjustments in schedules and arrangements for the safety of students and staff.


Emphasis on Safety of Students and Employees:
The safety of our students and staff will always be the most important factor when decisions are made to alter school schedules. Other important factors include current road conditions, future weather predictions, and comfort/function of buildings.

The goal will be to have the announcement of schedule alteration to radio/television stations by 6:30 a.m. If the delayed schedule needs to be changed to closed, notification should be between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. The Transportation Team is aware of the burden that is placed upon parents when a decision is made to change the school schedule, especially when the decision is made late. The Transportation Team will always try to consider the importance of instructional time and parental convenience when making decisions to alter school schedules. However, student and staff safety will always be the primary factor that is considered.